In the 1980s, faced with a market dominated by oriental carpets, Serge LESAGE started making and selling contemporary carpets.

In addition to an extensive standard collection that, through the intuition of this beautiful brand, has led to the birth of numerous contemporary, aesthetic and inspiring creations that are the hallmark of the collections of Serge LESAGE, the current artistic management team has developed the concept of “Interior Creator” developed with which Serge LESAGE made a name for itself.

A dedicated in-house production department that accompanies each customer in their customized carpet project (design, colour, size and shape). Serge LESAGE has created a customization model on their website so that customers can instantly view their creations.

They have built their reputation as a leader for high quality contemporary carpets and for the production of custom carpets that are recognized around the world.

Every carpet made by the company meets the demand for high quality and production.
It is the result of a close collaboration between cultures, where contemporary design and the expertise of the carftsman work together and where respect for ancestral skills and environmental demands are amenabled to write a new future.