Our Showroom

When we look at the interior of a mansion, restaurant, castle or modern house, how do we gain the right inspiration? At Loggere Wilpower we believe true inspiration is felt and experienced. In an ambiance where all senses get ultimately triggered. We consider our showroom such a place. It is located in a characteristic 250 year-old monumental building situated on the Gooilust Estate, right in the middle of the ‘s-Graveland forest.

It is a place of endless creation: a decorative, intimate environment where we experiment with diverse interior-collections in order to create surprising results. Sometimes to establish an elegant ambiance, other times a more decorative or expressive ambiance.

We are continuously in search for innovation and we experiment with different interior influences and styles. Italian fabrics as a basis in contrast with subtle Asian elements? Modern or decorative? We work with different architects and interior stylists; each has their own unique style. In this process we use our eye for detail, quality and unique interior combinations.

“More than 30 years of experience in the interior design industry and a great passion for the profession is our Power!“