In the 1980s, faced with a market dominated by oriental carpets, Serge LESAGE started making and selling contemporary carpets. In addition to an extensive standard collection that, through the intuition of this beautiful brand, has led to the birth of numerous contemporary, aesthetic and inspiring creations that are the hallmark of the collections of Serge…


Asteré  is a new wallpaper brand that is the result of a collaboration with contemporary artists and Élitis. The first collection consists of three books created by the artists; Porter Teleo, François Mascarello and Garance Vallée were designed.

The English Edition

Thank you very much for visiting our “English Edition Event.” If you did not attend, there are always the pictures! Here is a short overview of the highlights. We look back on a successful event thanks to your enthusiasm!

Élitis Preview Lunch x Vogue Living

Gedurende een middag toonde Élitis samen met Loggere Wilpower en Vogue Living een tipje van de sluier van haar 2020 collecties in Amsterdam. Tijdens deze lunch konden klanten nieuwe behangen stoffen en accessoires ontdekken om vervolgens de middag af te sluiten met een mooie herfst lunch.